Dumont Telephone provides Broadband, Telephone and Cable TV to the communities of Dumont and Allison. In addition, we provide Broadband and Cable TV in Parkersburg and Geneva. Dumont Telephone is a proven leader in technology, as well as a proud supporter of regional economic development. Dumont Telephone, your local provider... living, working and investing locally.  


Parkersburg - Fiber is coming!

Fiber-to-the-Home in Parkersburg

Fiber is currently being installed in Parkersburg. See where fiber has been installed and sign up to get your neighborhood next on the list.



Dumont Telephone has installed a state of the art fiber network in Dumont and Allison.  Now we are installing fiber in Parkersburg.  Discover the benefits of fiber and get your questions answered.


Business Telephone Systems

Dumont Telephone sells, installs and services Vertical brand business telephone systems.

Key Benefits:

Vertical Phone Systems

  • Unified communications
  • Mobility
  • WiFi Telephones
  • Just the right size


Data Network Wiring

From a single connection in your home to multiple locations in your business, our certified technicians install and maintain state of the art data networks. 

Projects may include:

  • Cat6 or fiber cabling
  • racking
  • cable management
  • wiremold and faceplates
  • patch panels and more