Dumont Telephone has installed a state of the art fiber network. How does that affect you?

Keeping You Connected and Competitive

Broadband service has become a necessity in life. Our new fiber network will position you and your children for the future. It will provide the opportunity for you to stay connected and competitive in this global economy. Many small rural communities are being left behind because service providers do not see the value of having you as a customer. Dumont Telephone Company sees value in you!

Faster Speeds

Fiber will give our company the ability to offer much faster Broadband speeds than what are currently available, especially in our rural areas. Those rural customers will experience the same high quality Broadband connection as customers in town will have. The speeds available using fiber will be perfect for social networking, gaming, watching videos, video conferencing or working from home.

Superior Video

This new technology will give our company the ability to offer the best quality video and new services to our customers as they become available.

Same Local Service and Support You Deserve

The technology we use to deliver services will be different, but the friendly local service you’re used to receiving will remain the same.

Economic Development

All companies consider fiber networks a necessity when considering a move or expansion to a community. Our new fiber network technology will help ensure the area is ready to take advantage of future economic development opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fiber-to-the-Home or FTTH refers to a technology that can be used to provide services to your home or business. Fiber allows us to provide Cable TV and Broadband over fiber optic cable which is as thin as a human hair.

The greatest benefit of FTTH is the amount of information and services that can be provided over a single connection. Additionally, the services offer great speed and crystal clear connections.

Unlike copper or coaxial cable, fiber optic cable cannot provide electrical power to the devices that are connected to it. Therefore, power has to be supplied by a local source at your home or business. In addition to standard AC power, a battery backup unit is needed inside your house or business, to allow services to function in the event of a power outage.

FTTH offers greater bandwidth and the ability for us to provide you more Broadband speed. This benefit provides the opportunity for music, movies and a variety of other services that require higher speeds of Broadband.

FTTH offers a wealth of opportunities for cable television services mostly because of the increase in bandwidth that is available. The new FTTH technology will allow rural customers to get Cable TV. This will include our vast list of digital channels, multi-channel movieplexes like HBO and Cinemax, as well as pay-per-view, digital music, and local advertising.

Because FTTH is more expensive to operate and repair, it is even more essential that you call Iowa One Call at 811 or 800-292-8989 at least 48 hours prior to digging anywhere on your property. Not only will it keep you safe and help you avoid the inconvenience of an outage, but it may save you from having to pay for costly repairs to the fiber optic cable. Call One Call ... it's the law.

We need FTTH to offer the services our customers deserve and expect. The new technology will allow us to offer today's services and those that become available in the future.

It depends on the equipment you have. Computers will need to have an Ethernet port to plug into or have WiFi capabilities. Televisions should have an HDMI type connection in order to receive the best quality picture and audio.

Visit the Customer Service section on our web site and click on the Application for Service option. You are able to complete the agreement online or print a copy to mail in. You can also call 641-857-3211 or stop in our office to discuss your options.

Yes. Both company employees and/or authorized contractors will need to enter your home to install new wires that make FTTH work with your current computers and televisions.

We will install a new optical network termination (ONT) device on your home. The device will need to be placed near an electrical outlet, which will act as its power source. The amount of electricity used by the ONT device is extremely small and not noticeable.