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Start Broadband Internet, Streaming Video or Telephone Service


Make the switch to your local provider for reliable service from a customer-focused team. To get started, complete the following steps: 


      • Apply for service using the form below. To manually complete your application, please click here to print a copy. 
      • Pay a $100 deposit per service. Our customer service representative will contact you for your deposit. 
      • Provide a valid social security number or EIN. Once again, our customer service representative will contact you for this information.

IMPORTANT: Your monthly bill will be emailed to you. You WILL NOT receive a paper bill in the mail. Emails arrive from [email protected] and are sent between the 26th – 29th of each month. Check your spam/junk folders.

There is a $50 installation fee per service for broadband, streaming video, and telephone. You can pay for this once your installation is complete.

Application for Service