Broadband Internet Services

Choosing a Local Broadband Provider

Dumont Telephone is your trusted local provider that offers high-speed internet access and superior customer service. Our state-of-the-art fiber network gives you the reliable speed to meet all your internet needs for working from home, streaming your favorite shows, playing video games, and more. From the first initial contact with our office staff to the technicians that come into your home, we prioritize our customer care to give you the best internet service experience possible.

Broadband Packages

We offer simple, straightforward packages without hidden fees or costly data caps.

Broadband Only Rates

Outlined below are our rates when you choose broadband only services. Broadband only rates are available in the communities of Dumont, Allison, Parkersburg, Geneva, Hansell and certain rural areas of Hampton.

Broadband Speed (download/upload)UsageMonthly Rate

Broadband w/ Telephone Rates

Customers receive a discount on broadband rates when they utilize both our broadband and telephone services in Dumont or Allison. Basic residential telephone rate is $30/month before taxes and fees.

Broadband Speed (download/upload)UsageMonthly Rate

Broadband Internet Service Availability

Dumont Telephone’s internet services are available in Dumont, Allison, Parkersburg, Geneva, Hansell and certain rural areas of Hampton. Use our service lookup tool to see if our high-speed internet services are offered where you live or work.

Check Your Internet Speed

Use this speed test tool to check your current internet speed.

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