Landline Telephone Services

Bringing Over 100 Years of Experience as a Leading Telephone Company in Iowa

Dumont Telephone’s landline services are the foundation of our entire company, and with over 100 years of experience, we’ve learned a few lessons from our customers over the years. We understand how important it is to provide the best quality service with a personal touch, helping customers get the services they need at an affordable price. Stay connected with friends, family, customers, and business partners with our reliable telephone services. Your service can be customized with calling features to fit any need and budget.

Landline Telephone Rates

Residential Rates

We provide telephone services in the Dumont and Allison communities and rural areas with our rates outlined below.


 * SLC, 911, ARC, FUSC, Taxes & Fees Apply

Service AreaMonthly Rate

Business Rates

At Dumont Telephone, we understand your business line service is a critical tool in your success. We work diligently to assure maximum uptime, reliability, and service. Our professional technicians will configure, install, and manage your telephone network to ensure peace of mind in your business calling experiences. Our business line services are available in the Dumont and Allison communities and rural areas with our rates outlined below.

Service AreaMonthly Rate

Long Distance Service

Unlike other carriers, we do not charge additional hidden fees for long distance calls. Our long distance service is available for 18¢ per minute.

Inside Wire Maintenance

Dumont Telephone’s Inside Wire Maintenance agreement covers the time and materials needed to repair or replace telephone wire located inside your home. Customers who subscribe to this service are charged a modest fee per month. In the absence of an Inside Wire Maintenance agreement, if Dumont Telephone is called to the home, the repair charges are based on a trip charge, labor, and materials.

Telecommunication Resources

Telecommunications Access Iowa (TAI)

TIA helps Iowans get the specialized telecommunications products they need through vouchers that pay for around 95 percent of the average cost of equipment.

Relay Iowa

Relay Iowa helps Iowans who are deaf or hard of hearing communicate over the telephone through services such as text telephone, voice carry over, hearing carry over, and more. They also offer Spanish Relay services for Spanish and English translations.

Online Directory  

Need to look up a phone number to call? Use Local Solution’s directory to find people or businesses in your area.

Lifeline Assistance  

Lifeline is a federal program that takes up to $9.25 off the cost of telephone, internet, or bundled services for eligible customers.


Telephone Service Availability

Dumont Telephone’s telephone services are offered in the Dumont and Allison Communities and rural areas. Use our service lookup tool to see if your specific address has access to residential and business phone services.